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Appalachian Understories provides natural and cultural historic tourism in Appalachian Ohio, hiring local guides, historians, and naturalists to create outdoor experiences for people. Our tours allow participants to enjoy the natural beauty of SE Ohio while learning about the rich cultural history of the region.

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About Us

Appalachian Understories values the great natural and cultural assets of our region and sees how they can serve as important economic drivers. By creating a structure to help visitors and local people get a deeper experience of the natural world, getting people outside, and learning about our rich local history, we can create even more economic opportunities for the local people who have this knowledge. This deeper appreciation of place fosters stronger communities, and paying people for their time and expertise helps diversify the economy and lets the historians and naturalists see that others value the things they know. People need to understand things to love them. 

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Contact Us


Journalists, investors, and potential partners can call us at 740-767-4938 or email Appalachian Understories Tourism Manager Madison Donohue at

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